Friday, February 13, 2015


Subspace.  It's an incredible feeling, on any level.  From the smallest of gestures that symbolize my submission to Mistress K., to the intense physical sessions of sex or discipline that Mistress either wants/needs, or feels is required.  It's really very difficult to explain exactly how it feels.  Like trying to describe love.

This morning, Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  there I was, naked (as I am required to be) sitting on the floor fixing something under the sink.  It has become a natural thing in our marriage and although there is hardly anything I enjoy more than to be naked before my Mistress, it has become a natural state.  That fact, in and of itself makes me feel very happy and proud, and yes, more submissive.

When it was to get dressed, Mistress instructed me to wear panties.  Nothing unusual there.  I've worn panties plenty of times at her insistence.  I have no desire to be feminized, and frankly, Mistress has no desire to feminize me.  But, I do feel sexy and slutty when I wear panties.  I don't know if that is because of the panties themselves, or the fact that I am required to wear them by Mistress, or both.  I get reminded of that feeling every time I got to the bathroom to pee.  Just unzipping, reaching in for my cock to take it our to pee, I feel the sexy lace that is slung low, just above my penis, laying on the always freshly shaved area is arousing to me.

Mistress went to the other room after giving me my panties instructions.  30 seconds later, she called for me, telling me that she wanted to see me in my panties before covering them up with clothes.  There.  Right there, was one of those times that took me right to the comfort of subspace.  being required to model my panties for my Mistress' viewing pleasure is an absolute joy.  Having her view me, naked, in panties only, in regular clothes, or anything else she decides she wants to see me in is so exhilarating.  Especially when I am required to preform sexually for her viewing pleasure. 

I stood there happily while Mistress looked me over, had me turn for her so she could see everything, and even when she told me to pull them up higher because they'd look better.  In the back of my mind, I hoped that Mistress would take me, bend me over and my panties down just below my bottom, exposing me in what I think is a super submissive way.  The lowered panties symbolizing access to my ass for punishment, or my ass for entering, or simply for display. 

I've said it before in a recent post.  It's the little things!


  1. Agreed. Those little things can spark such intense feelings of submission and devotion. What a great way to have started your day.

    1. Thanks so much SGT. Yes it was a great way to start my day, although Mistress seems to always be certain to start each of my days with at least some symbolic measure to ensure that my devotion is top-of-mind.

      Thanks you for stopping by and for leaving a thoughtful comment.

  2. Very true sub hub. Just doing small things for her can evoke those wonderful feelings of submission. Unlike a V couple a man will do something he thinks pleases her. If you are FLM you know what pleases her because she orders you to do it. And that is what it's about pleasing her.

    1. Yes indeed my friend. thanks for coming by.

  3. Your Mistress has learned the art of giving "orders". Think of how different you would have felt if she had said "please wear panties today" or if she had said "thank you" when you modeled them for you. No subspace in that event, I can assure you. Isn't it interesting how "please" and "thank you" become obsolete for a Dom in a D/s relationship? It's one of the subtleties that make such a difference, and one of the hardest things for a budding female Dominant to get used to. But when we do.......ah, what a delight to just give those orders and have them immediately obeyed. Domspace is a beautiful thing too:)

    1. Thank you Lady Grey for your wisdom and insight. yes indeed, I agree with you completely. if it was a mere request, or vague expression of a gesture from her, it would've had the opposite effect. She indeed has learned (and continues to learn) the art of giving orders and is continuously growing more comfortable and happy in the pleasure that it gives her. I couldn't be more thankful for that.

      Like you suggested, Mistress K. struggled with finding comfort with "giving orders" because she has always been a pleasure. When we first got together, she was decidedly the submissive one in our relationship as a result. As such, she has taken the steps (some of them baby steps) toward understanding that "giving orders" is not only ok with me, it is something that I cherish in our relationship. The more she becomes comfortable with that aspect of it, the better she and more content she continues to get in her role as my Mistress Wife. Her DommeSpace!

      Thank you again for coming by and commenting.


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