Monday, June 26, 2017

Our Rules ... posted here!

In my last blog post, I mentioned I would ask Mistress K. if I could publish our rules here after we updated them and edited them.  Guess what .... she said YES, and here they are:

·         M-K is the Dominant.  The s-man is the submissive.
·         These rules may be amended or modified at any time at the sole discretion of M-K.
·         S-man will be kept in constant chastity to M-K.  Such chastity is expected at all times whether it is voluntarily self-enforced, or M-K has required the s-man to wear a chastity device (lockable cage) that will prevent s-man from touching or otherwise stimulating his penis, obtaining an erection or receiving stimulation directly against penis.
·         The s-man acknowledges that his pleasure is derived from providing service and pleasure to M-K.
·         The s-man shall make every attempt to keep his body in pristine condition so as to further enhance the enjoyment of its use by M-K.  S-man shall submit to physical inspection of any part of s-man’s body, at any time, for any reason, at the request of M-K.   Any failure of s-man to keep body healthy, at the sole discretion of M-K, shall result in punishment of s-man by M-K. 
·         As a default and at all times, when M-K and s-man are securely alone (as determined by M-K), s-man shall be expected to be naked and to be kept naked even while performing normal duties and functions.  S-man shall be expected to become naked and remain so without being asked.  M-K may require s-man to wear something, anything, exclusively of M-K’s choosing, as determined solely by M-K. 
·         In normal life, during the normal course of a regular day, s-man will wear normal clothes.  M-K may require that the s-man wear something in particular under s-man’s “normal” clothes at her sole discretion as she deems appropriate.
·         All s-mans’ orgasms are owned by M-K.  If s-man is to have an orgasm, it will only be because M-K has decided to allow it.  Any such permissible orgasm for the s-man shall be achieved solely in a manner dictated by M-K.
·         S-man is required to see to it that the garage and the cars are kept cleaned and in presentable condition at all times. 
·         S-man will maintain a calm and in-control demeanor,  and work hard to not project that stress to others around him. 
·         M-K will manage and control the release of all semen as M-K deems appropriate, at her sole discretion.  Such release may or may not include orgasm, at the sole discretion of M-K.
·         S-man will be required to orgasm on demand, or conversely, may be denied an orgasm as M-K deems necessary, at her sole and absolute discretion.
·         The duration and sensitivity/roughness of s-man’s sexual performance at the pleasure of M-K is at the sole discretion of M-K. 
·         S-man’s complete body belongs exclusively to M-K.  As such, M-K has unilateral use, control and direction of s-man’s body at all times.
·         Any part of s-man’s body is available for use by M-K at any time, day or night, for any reason including sexual, visual or physical pleasure of M-K, in any way M-K determines.  S-man may be required to perform sexual acts that give direct stimulation to M-K or s-man may be required to perform sexual acts on him for the visual pleasure of M-K.  Any such acts are at the sole discretion of M-K.
·         Any sexual demand/request made of s-man by M-K will be immediately carried out without question and with enthusiasm.
·         S-man is only allowed to have an orgasm, full or ruined when given permission and under the direct supervision of M-K.  When in the presence of M-K, and when on the verge of achieving orgasm,  even a previously approved orgasm,  s-man must still ask for permission to orgasm.  S-man will only be allowed to orgasm if such permission is granted by M-K
·         S-man may not fondle, massage, stroke, rub or otherwise touch or sexually stimulate his penis (except during natural human functions and cleaning) without permission or instruction from M-K.
·         S-man may not fondle, massage, rub, enter or otherwise sexually pleasure his anus (except during natural human functions and cleaning) without permission or instruction from M-K.
·         S-man will wear any accessory or device, externally or internally, M-K deems necessary at any given time, for however long is deemed appropriate by M-K, without hesitation and without argument.  Such device may be anything that might harness or control s-man’s penis or something that may be inserted and held in s-man’s ass. 
·         Any item that may be inserted into s-man’s ass will be at the sole discretion of M-K.  Items may be inserted for a variety of reasons, such as training s-man’s ass;  as a punishment;  as a reward;  as a visual stimulation for M-K;  as a constant reminder of s-man’s dedication to M-K throughout the day;  just because M-K wants to.
·         S-man is required to communicate with M-K about any physical issues that may prevent s-man from performing his duties in the service of M-K.   
·         The s-man is under the exclusive authority and is the property of M-K. 
·         Finding a punishment that has the desired effect of correcting behavior, is an exercise for M-K to determine, at her sole discretion.  Such punishments shall be determined to be corrective punishment or punishment that is in direct correlation to displeasure of the s-man by M-K, at M-K’s sole and absolute discretion.
·         M-K may determine that regularly scheduled, maintenance punishments will be useful. The type, duration and severity of said maintenance shall be at the sole discretion of M-K.

Punishment may include, but are not limited to the following:  
  • spanking, with or without the use of an implement such as a paddle, hair brush, wooden spoon, ruler, riding crop.  Spankings may be administered by M-K in any position she deems suitable, at her sole discretion
  • Repeated intense Tease and Denial
  • Longer duration of chastity
  • Sleeping on floor
  • Humiliation, the scope of which to be determined at the sole discretion of M-K

I would love to hear your honest thoughts, comments or questions, good or bad.  We tried hard to keep these rules as a general reference point from which to operate, and not attempt to specifically drill down into the weeds on absolutely each and every point.  That became too tedious.  Besides, at the end of the day, the REAL RULES in our lives are the ones that Mistress K. decides at any given moment.  To that end, in the absence of exceeding any hard, already agreed upon limits, I trust Mistress K. to pilot our vessel to continued and renewed happiness, and would do anything she asked/told of me.


  1. Thank you for sharing sub hub, it was interesting to read your rules. Very concise. I'm curious as to how much the rules have Changed after your working date.


    1. Forgive the delayed response my friend ... we've been on vacation. The rules listed there ARE the amended rules after our working date. I know they may seem silly, weird or otherwise incomplete yet "concise". We have felt from the beginning that the document was to be a general reference point and not so much a contract, or anything like that. We felt there was no need for a contract and especially so once we had our collaring ceremony.

      Thank you as always my dear for stopping by!


  2. Thank you sub hub and Mistress K for allowing the post. Mistress K has covered the bases very well and left enough open ends for her to make changes as needed and for her pleasure. You are a lucky man to have her.

    1. Thank you archedone .... I am indeed a very lucky man. Thank you.

  3. Dear SHIP – wow, so glad that you back to blogging. It was worth the wait. Congrats to your Mistress and you as you achieve another milestone in your FLR life together. It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? Can’t wait to read how this part of your FLR unfolds. One question that comes to mind is the issue of chores – I think the only chore you listed is to keep the cars in clean and in running order. Are there other chores that your Mistress has assigned you and are part of your rule structure?

    My wife/Mistress into our fourth year of our FLR life. Chores for me are a big part of her rules for me. She started by assigning me chores that focused on what I used to complain about. I used to complain about the kitchen being messy. Now the kitchen is my responsibility. She expects the kitchen to be clean, dishes done, floors and counters wiped and cleaned each morning when she wakes up. I used to complain about her dropping her clothes and shoes around our bedroom and home. Now I am the responsible for picking up her clothes (and shoes), folding the clothes, and laying them out neatly and where she has easy access to them. Now she is the one allowed to complain when I do not meet her standards and expectations. She continues to add to my chore list and, interestingly, I am delighted when she allows me to serve her in this way.

    We don’t have too many rules in our FLR life. A big one, like you, is that I am in constant chastity. I am not permitted to orgasm without her permission. My chastity is on the honor system (no device) as she prefers that I use my own will power to submit to her in this way. For the past couple years I have been permitted about one orgasm per month – though currently she has indicated in will be at least two months before my next orgasm -- she is working on some behavioral issues with me (in my pre-FLR days I would often orgasm multiple times daily). My Mistress, like yours, uses a variety of punishment approaches to improving my behavior. Delaying my orgasms is one. It seems that corner time for me is her preferred approach. I must admit that standing naked and silent in that damned corner for anywhere from 20-60 minutes is boring as hell. I think one of the reasons she prefers this approach is that during one of our conversations I mentioned to her how my corner time allowed me time to decompress and to think about how my behavior and attitude has hurt her. She does use corporal punishment as well and has become quite effective at delivering a painful paddling.

    I think of our protocols also as part of our rule structure. How I greet Mistress when we are alone has become an important part of our FLR. When I leave or return to her I prostrate myself in front of her in what Kathy (femdom 101) calls Command Position. My feet, knees, elbows, and hands touch the surface of the floor. I kiss both of her feet and then put my forehead to the floor as well. We talk for a few minutes with me in this position, and then she gives me permission to rise. Occasionally she will keep in this command position for several minutes as, I believe, she demonstrates her dominance of me. Speaking of dominance, one other protocol that we have developed is that she uses a permanent marker to “brand” me once a week on my haunch with a special symbol (her initial in a circle). This has become an outward sign of her ownership of me. These small protocols and rules have become an important and integral part of our own FLR lives.

    I know we are not quite yet where you are and your Mistress are, but hopefully we are moving in the right direction. Thanks again for your great blog.


    1. Vic, thank you so much that wonderful peek into some of the intimate parts of your relationship with your wife. Whether you are where Mistress K. and I are or not really doesn't mean anything. We, like you live a normal, loving existence together, with all the insecurities, joys, disappointments, fear elation that everyone else in life.

      Like you, I believe our decision to live in a committed (collared) FLM has allowed for us to be closer, more in love and more secure that otherwise possible. It's not perfect, but it is waaaaaay better when Mistress knows that she has the ability to end a disagreement "now", and that the husband not only listens, but actually receives pleasure in acquiescence.

      I have always never been a fan of listing the things that people need to do or not do to be considered a "proper" FLM/FLR couple. It's whatever the couple (well, the Mistress after contemplation and input from the husband) decides it is. But I do believe this ... the cornerstone of my submissiveness is strict and absolute orgasm control. Before being a submissive husband, I would orgasm 7-8 a week, primarily through masturbation. I don't need to tell you how that left me in what was an almost constant state of apathy.

      Our list was never intended to be balls-on accurate in every aspect, and we understand that there is come inconsistency within it, but it's ours and like most other D/s couples, we use it a general standard from which to operate knowing full well that at any given moment Mistress may amend or otherwise alter the rules, or even simply ignore them.

      Vic, I'd love to hear more about your life with your Mistress Wife ... but I can't contact you because you are "ANonymous" here. Perhaps you would contact me by email ( so we could chat there?

  4. I had very similar rules with Shilo for a time.

    1. Hi Miss Merry, thank you for stopping and reading my rules, and especially for taking the time to comment. I hope all is well with you and yours

  5. Honest response..... I think you wrote two rules that didn't have anything to do with sexuality. They were: (1) S-man is required to see to it that the garage and the cars are kept cleaned and in presentable condition at all times. (2) S-man will maintain a calm and in-control demeanor, and work hard to not project that stress to others around him.

    And yet life has so much more to do with life beyond the sexual. I was expecting more 'rules' that had to do with the day to day aspect of life. Just my two cents worth of thoughts.

    1. Hey buddy ... you know how much I love your "honest response" every time you give it to me, even if it is not flattering. I/We did right those 2 rules you mentioned because, well, Mistress K. had those on her mind at that particular moment and she wanted them in there. Having a couple of vodka/soda's in us at the time may or may not have contributed to that .... *smile

      We talked about at the working dinner and Mistress K. did not want to be "confined" to a list of things that were "day to day", knowing full well that such things would be varied and completely within her control.

      The outcome of the "rules" was less important than the associated conversation that we were able to have in the context of our FLM. She had an epiphany which allowed her to better understand that she does in fact have the authority and ability to control the everyday aspects of OUR lives, in a way that pleases her. I get it that it doesn't necessarily get reflected in the document, but truth be told, the document will probably go back to the bottom of my panty drawer until we/She feels the need to review it again.

      Always great to see you my friend.

  6. Interesting set of rules. Ours are somewhat different though our number one rule basically states that my Queen is never wrong and may interpret our rules however she likes. This is similar in spirit to yours!

    1. Indeed it is my friend. I'm sure you were tongue in cheek when you said, but Mistress IS in fact sometimes wrong, and when she is, so be it. The ramifications of her being "wrong" are far different than when I am wrong, or have done wrong.

      Thank you for stopping by with your comment.

  7. I know people usually put in like sleeping on the floor or in restraints or in a cage, but one would you really sleep on the floor? I know you could just say it's one night no biggie but would your wife really want you to sleep on the floor? And has she made you before and what would lead her to punish you by making you sleep on the floor?

    1. Answers in the order of the questions:

      Yes, I would really sleep on the floor if she made me.

      Maybe, she might actually make me sleep on the floor. When we came across that part in our "rules", she lingered, thought for a moment and responded with "I'm going to consider doing this more". Like you, I can only take that for what it is worth. When push comes to shove, I guess that if she actually required me to sleep on the floor, it would be because I had fucked up pretty badly.

      No, she has not made me sleep on the floor before. I can guess at what would make her decide to make me sleep on the floor. It could be anything. I have great faith in her general reluctance to make me do that.

  8. super hot!!!!!!! gasp


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