Saturday, July 30, 2022

Settling Back into our normal ...

Hi everyone.  It's been a minute since we talked last.  I hope you summer is going well and that everyone you love is happy, safe and comfortable.

I've mentioned before that we were already quite a bit down the road to (mostly) permanent chastity.  For nearly a year, I was mostly caged 24/7.  Wearing the cage was a default expectation by Mistress K., and something that I had come embrace as a normal, everyday experience.  I love it.  We both love.

Summer came a long and with it came some international travel on two different trips to two different destinations, some Covid for Mistress K., some health scares because of elderly parents ... stuff like that.  As a result, Mistress K. had me uncaged for the last half of June and the first half of July.  She didn't say why (she is required to) she preferred me uncaged, she just looked at me and said, "Because ... it's what I want."

Truth be told, I didn't hate being uncaged.  I enjoyed getting erections when nature decided.  I enjoyed standing and peeing.  I was even allowed (actually required) to enjoy 2 different full penetration fucking sessions with Mistress K.  You know, the kind where I would get her all revved up, watch her have an orgasm or two, penetrate her with my very own cock, and not her new
rubber boyfriend (which has been slowly put surely becoming Mistress' preferred cock for penetration), without stopping, all the way to the biggest orgasm I could muster.  That (put it in and go to the finish line) happened twice in 4 weeks.  I felt like a drunk sailor slut on shore-leave.  Prior to that, it had been twice in 5 years. 

As fun as it was, being allowed to orgasm twice in a month, our WLM dynamic was just all messed up.  As things began to settle back to normal for us, that all changed.  In fact, it all changed this Monday morning when Mistress K. was pulling out of the garage on her way to work.  After exchanging our "I love you's" and her giving me my instructions for the day, she said "Oh, and get your cage back on right away."

2 minutes later, my cage was back on, and it was as comfortable and comforting as I had remembered.  The mindset difference between caged and uncaged is an amazing phenomenon. It has been ever since and will for the foreseeable future, and everything is falling right back into line for our "yes Mistress" normal.

Last night, after returning home from a beautiful Italian dinner, I took the dog out to pee and Mistress K. disappeared into the bedroom.  I assumed she would be changing in her jammies for the night.  She didn't.  After helping Fido do his business outside, I heard "Babe, I need you."  I walk into the bedroom and she is peeling off her clothes.  "Lock the door."  She was horny!  "Take off your clothes."  Now I was horny.  "I'm going to have our orgasms tonight.  You won't be."  "Yes Mistress, of course."  "Would you like me to get your boyfriend Mistress?"  "No, not tonight."  Tonight, you will watch me masturbate to orgasm."

She did ... and holy fuck was it glorious! I so much love watching her writhe in sexual pleasure and have orgasms.  Love it!  I was positioned on the bed, kneeling between her spread legs, with caged cock less than an inch from her glorious pussy.  After her orgasm she put the vibrator on my caged cock and said "take this from me and leave it running on your cage.  I want to see you fuck my vibrator.  You have permission to cum in your cage if you can get there."  I couldn't get there.

She took the vibrator back and said, "maybe this will inspire you.", and immediately resumed her masturbation to another, fucking amazing orgasm.  I already know that she loves the idea of me cum in my cage.  It's the ultimate ruined orgasm.  I just couldn't get there.

Still, it was an amazing way to welcome each other back to our normal WLM lifestyle, and we couldn't be happier.


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy time. Life does take over at times.

    Isn't it interesting how the minset changes between being caged and uncaged. It must have been freeing somewhat being uncaged, and two orgasms!


    1. Hi Roz. Thanks as always for being here. Yes, things have been busy and even unsettling, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and things are returning to "normal".

      You're absolutely right, the very second the cage went back on (hasn't been off since), the mindset fell right back into place. It has become like riding a bike.

      It was freeing but truth be told, I missed the cage.

      I know right? Two orgasms? Yes they were both wonderful. I think we've turned a corner in the right direction because after each one of those two orgasms, there was little if any drop-off of my desire for her.

  2. I was caged for the first time last night and I hated it.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you hated it Berry Vanilla, but I get it. My first time I loved it for about 3 minutes then immediately hated it. Funny though ... now, I prefer being caged to being uncaged. Hopefully it is something that you will experience as well.

  3. Enjoyed your update. Nice to read having been away for awhile. Love the "rubber boyfriend" term :)

    sissy terrie


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