Saturday, March 9, 2024

Did You Miss Me While I Was Gone?

Mistress has been gone for one week, attending to some family members' needs out of state.  While we were apart, we sent lovey-dovey messages back and forth about how much we missed each other, and stuff like that.  She came home last night.

I was, of course, kept caged while she was gone, which always is a good, constant reminder of her when we are apart.  While waiting for the plane at the airport, she let me know that she was looking forward to giving me some treats when she arrived.  Her plane was late, and she arrived home rather late.  It was a grueling day of travel and all she wanted to do when she got home was to sleep in her bed.

She slept late into this morning.  At around 10:30, I was summoned to deliver her coffee to her in bed, like I do every morning. After delivering worshipping kisses on her face and upper body, she told me to go put on my sexy lace, thong panties.  I returned to her bedside and was told to model them for her.  I love these panties because they perfectly cover my caged cock and feel delicious on my bummy hole.  She dismissed me so she could be alone with her coffee and watch her shows.  

An hour later she summoned me to her bedroom.  She was standing just inside the closed door and when I walked, she immediately turned me around to face the door.  She had hung the cuffs from the top of the door and immediately put me in them.  Then she put a mask over my eyes and walked off.  She returned with a flogger and a paddle.  She kicked my feet apart and started to redden my bottom with both implements.  

She stopped, kissed my neck and ears, told me how much she missed me, and asked me if I enjoyed the treat she had promised upon her return.  "Yes Mistress.  Very much.  Thank you Mistress.  "Your treat is to be reminded of your place in our marriage.  Do you understand slave?"  "Yes Mistress.  Thank you Mistress."

She uncuffed me from the door and said "Off you go."

Welcome Home Mistress!

Monday, February 19, 2024

How Did We Get Here?


Yes Mistress K.  Please.  I do want you to fuck me in the ass so that I can cum in my cage.  You have made me your bitch forever.  Ever since we decided that I would be permanently caged.  

Well, sort of Mistress.  At least when it comes to the rarer and rarer occasions when I am allowed any sort of orgasm.  But it's secondary and not ALL it takes to keep me happy Mistress.

My very favorite thing that keeps me happy Mistress, is being present when you orgasm, especially when you are being properly fucked, for as long and in whatever position you want.  There is nothing sexier than being allowed to share in the orgasms you have for both of us.  

I've spoken about it here before.  Ever since being caged permanently, the focus of desire for my own sexual pleasure is no longer stimulation to my now locked cock.  It has transformed into what now seems like a natural desire for her cock.  

I beg her for her cock like a proper slut.  A slutty girl that just wants to get fucked.  

I have no desire to be uncaged in general anymore, but especially when Mistress K. is fucking me.  Being permanently caged has caused me to often forget that I even have a cock, which is useful when I'm being fucked like her little slut.

This is a relatively new chapter in our evolution as a couple.  So many new opportunities are opened up for us now.  I have to be careful not to sour things by being too eager or begging too much for the sexual things I want her to do to me, but we are definitely moving in a direction neither of us intended before.

I absolutely loved it!  I've only ever cum twice from fucked by Mistress K.  Both times I was in our permanently caged part of our life.  Both times she loved it that I could, and she was amazed when it happened.  She even wondered out loud whether I should be allowed to cum any other way than being fucked.  

Ever since those words, that's all I can think about, and holy shit yes, I would love to be restricted to only being allowed to cum from anal penetration.  I know that it is something I can routinely do because each time Mistress requires me to wear a butt plug, I'm able to feel an analgasm building, but since I am usually at the office or in other vanilla situations, I've had to suppress that desire.

I won't take long Mistress.  I'm almost there already.  

OK, OK, back to reality.  I guess my point here is that our decision to be permanently locked has set into motion a certain number of things that have brought us here naturally.  Obviously, there are times when I am not caged.  When I am not caged, it's only for one of two reasons.  Either we are in an environment where being caged is not suitable for me to wear a cage (sports, doctor visits, metal detectors, etc.), or Mistress K. simply wants me uncaged to tease me, edge me, have me masturbate for her, or yes, even to fuck her.  And, when she is especially pleased with my behavior and wants to give me a special sexy treat, she will allow me to do my very favorite thing in the whole world.  Soaking inside of her. 

Despite all of these words talking about what I want, I have not, and will not, ever lose sight of what matters most in our relationship, her pleasure sexually and in life!  I will always cherish her existence and worship her in a way that makes her feel like she is a true Queen.  Going forward knowing that I am (mostly) permanently caged, and an increasingly higher chance that my only source of an orgasm will come from being penetrated doesn't concern or scare me in the least bit.  Instead, it excites me a great deal.  

Mistress K. has grown and evolved into a woman who has an enormous amount of comfort and joy in her life and continues to down the road of the adventurous road we are on together.  I can't wait to see where she takes us.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Words Matter Even If You Are Just Joking


I've always known that words when they are said, leave an indelible mark on the one those words are directed to.  Even when those words are said in jest, or "just joking", which is why I could never get behind SPH or the humiliation of a cuck husband if it was the Wife's desire to fuck other men.  

In our household, I am the one who makes all the money, and we do pretty well.  Some might say very well.  Not bragging or swelling my chest, it's just a fact.  In fact, it's one of the things that makes me happiest in terms of being able to achieve my goal of giving my Wife a blissful existence.

Recently, Mistress K. and I were just bumping around the house, doin stuff, laughing, and having fun, when I made a kidding, joking comment about how she should be nice to me because I make the money.  Boom, her demeanor changed in a nano-second.

Even though I was joking, and even though there was absolutely no doubt that I was joking, she immediately stopped what she was doing, stopped smiling, walked right up to me, and with a finger in my face, very sternly said "You will never say anything like that to me again! Ever! Everything in this house ... everything that exists in any account we have anywhere, is mine!  Everything of value belongs to me!  Do you understand that?"  I gulped and simply said, "Yes Mistress, of course."

She said, "Become completely naked this second."  Then turned to walk to the bathroom, which is where we keep the key to my Jail Bird cage.  When she returned, I was naked and she handed me the key and said "get that thing off."  

"Masturbate to completion! Right now.  Don't stop, don't ask for permission to cum, just masturbate to completion."  Yes Mistress, I said.  There was nothing sexy or horny about it.  Based on her mood and demeanor, it didn't me long to figure out that I was in store for the worst kind of punishment spanking.  The post-orgasm spanking.  Jesus.

Immediately after I ejaculated, she pointed and said "get my paddle."  "Oh please Mistress, not that.", I said.  Mistress K. only uses post-orgasm spankings when she is REALLY unhappy with me.  Why?  Because being required to cum immediately before getting a spanking takes away any sexy or erotic feelings about it.  In other words, there is only one thing to focus on ... the pain of the paddle.  

"You will never entertain those thoughts about our marriage ever again, even if you ARE kidding.  Do you understand?"

She proceeded to give a very hard, long paddling.  It hurt.  I have never been so close to tears while being punished as I was then.

She stopped, left the room and returned with my red thong panties.  "Put these on and return to face the wall."  The paddling continued.  Mercifully it ended shortly thereafter.

She put me in the corner and lectured me about how words matter, and that there are just some things that never get said, even if you think you are kidding.  "There is always some truth to what is said, even if you are kidding.  Now, you will not move a muscle until I come and release you.  You will think about what just happened here."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you for my punishment, Mistress."  On her way out of the room, she said "We have guests coming for dinner tonight.  You WILL be on your very best behavior!".  "Yes, Mistress."

After what seemed like forever (it turned out it was actually 20 minutes) she returned.  "Step back and bend at the waist with your legs straight."  I thought more paddling was going to happen but instead, she pushed my glass butt plug in my mouth and said, "Get this wet."  I did.

She pulled it out of my mouth, got behind me, pulled my panties to the side, and told me to spread my cheeks.  She spit on my bottom hole, and gently but firmly pushed the plug inside me.

"Stand up and face me.", she said.  I did.  She was smiling and told me that this was all over, that she felt like she had made her point, and that I was to put my cage back on, get in the shower, and help her prepare for our guests to arrive.

"Yes Mistress. Thank you for my correction, Mistress.  I am very much aware that everything we have in our life is owned by you Mistress. It will never happen again, Mistress."

Goddam, I love this woman!

Friday, January 19, 2024

This Is Never a Problem

 This is never a problem in a loving, functional Female Led Relationship.  Why?  Because it's simply not allowed.  

Part of what makes a functional FLR work is the knowledge that his orgasms just don't matter, and that sex and sexual pleasure (orgasms) is exclusively for her.  If she takes pleasure in spanking him for fun or punishment (or both), fucking him with a strap-on, requiring he give her oral on demand, denying his orgasms for however long she wants (including forever), being told to remove his cage then having him masturbate for her to edge of orgasm, being told to stop and being right back into the cage, etc, so forth and so on ... then those things will happen.

Yes Mistress, very clear!

It's incredibly easy to legitimately enjoy being told this and knowing that it fits you to a T.

The second she finds comfort in feeling this way, she can actually begin to experience the joy of living a life of bliss and comfort.

Well-behaved husbands are rewarded for their service, devotion, adoration and service.

"Good boys get treats."  

Sometimes, very loving and wonderful treats.

Not-so-good-boys get corrected.  It's just what a loving Mistress Wife must do consistently to maintain order in her home.

Do your job boys.  Her ass and body is not going to worship itself.

And most importantly, never forget the basic ingredients to a wonderful existence.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Words of Wisdom and a Beautiful Explanation


I get messages often from all sorts of people.  Most of them have a preconceived notion of what "all" submissive men, or "all" dominant women, or "all" WLM marriages are all about because they are experts ... because, you know, the internet.  To some (perhaps many), it's not possible for a masculine, alpha man, who is a leader in every aspect of his life, to also be submissive to his wife.  

One of my favorite Femdom Lifestyle bloggers is Vanessa Chaland at a blog called Queening Chairs - Spanking Benches - BDSM.  She's wonderfully insightful, funny intelligent, and by all accounts seems to have the 'No Bullshit' demeanor that makes many powerful women sexy.  If you don't already look at her blog, you should.  It's wonderful.  

I have struggled with the vague, general language used to describe various people and things in the kink world.  All submissives are this way.  All Dominants are that way.  Etcetera.  On January 4th, she published a blog called Submissive "Suffering"...  In it, she very eloquently explained the benefits of a submissive as well as the difference between a submissive and a simp.  It does a wonderful job of cutting through the bullshit and vague generalities when it comes to submissives, especially submissive men.  Give it a look.

The cut-and-paste version is below.  You can check it out directly on her blog here.  Thank you for permission to share Vanessa Chaland.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Submissive "Suffering"...

    I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. 
They were built only to serve. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Are submissives an edifice? No, not really, not at all. They are living breathing beings with a soul, aspirations, feelings and emotions, not just a cold stonelike building. Yet still, they "serve" others, and with a certain level of benevolence and altruism right? Yes, yes indeed. 

Not everyone has the desire to serve only themselves, their own wants and desires, that "me/me/me" mentality. Not everyone has the urge to focus their lives on materialistic possessions, greed, or tangible items. For many people, the main thing that matters in life is other human beings. For some, obviously, that could be a parent with child, or caring for family, relatives, or the impoverished, the downtrodden, those without a voice. For some, it might be caring for animals and the planet, or a combination of some or all of the above. 

For some, more akin to a hedonistic lifestyle, it's the happiness and well-being of their spouse, their lover, husband, wife, and that would be applicable to those that are straight, gay, bi, tri, trans, whatever. 

It could mean anything from making sure the eggs and hash-browns they make for breakfast for their "other" are perfectly cooked, to wiping away a tear if that person had a bad day, to a massage, cuddles, hugs, big huge bear hugs, to the more intimate aspects, providing pleasure, oral sex, tongue, more tongue, followed up by a side order of...even more tongue. This might include "suffering" from corporal punishment, being teased and denied, in chastity, blue balls, verbal humiliation, being ordered to engage in what some, perhaps most, would consider degrading acts, whatever it's all done to make their "other" happy, which thereby transfers to their own pleasure and happiness as...they desire to serveNot sure if this is based on nature or nurture, or a combination of both. I doubt this has ever been appropriately studied, and I'm not sure it could be figured out even if it was, but either way, some people are just wired to serve others.  

 Compersion refers to a form of joy, in the joy of others. 

A lot of people conflate "submissive" with being a "simp". For me, they are not at all the same. A simp is a guy who does anything for a woman, any woman, just to seek her attention and perhaps affection. This is no good. It's not good as...she is not necessarily worthy of that attention. Just being woman, just having a hole between your legs, does not automatically mean being deserving...of anything. Vaginas are ubiquitous. Roughly 50% of Earths population are women, meaning a vagina owner, they are not rare. They are everywhere. 

Don't be a simp guys, ever, period. No woman deserves that all. You want the woman that you are "submissive" to, to be appreciative of your efforts and devotion. The reciprocal aspect of this, is her not taking your "suffering" for granted. She knows the how and why you are offering it, why you are doing it, it's a heartwarming gesture and for a dominant woman, a sexual thrill, as opposed to just some random woman taking whatever you offer out of a sense of entitlement and then ignoring you for the rest of her life, forgetting you even exist or what it is you did on her behalf. Huge difference. One is not the same as the other. One is uplifting for you, for the sub, as it elevates your sense of worth and value in making her life better, where it is acknowledged and appreciated, adored, the other is the opposite, it devalues you, reduces you to a "lesser" status, taken for granted, and is not understood nor validates your own a submissive, as man, or as a human being. You want to "suffer" for a woman? Good, good for you. Just make sure she is worthy of that gift.  :) 

A Good Submissive Man is Not Hard to Find...They Just Need Training.
~ Vanessa Chaland 

I hope you enjoyed her wisdom as much as I did.