Monday, January 10, 2022

She Fucked Him for the First Time


The house was ours again.  All the holiday company had gone home.  We were empty nesters again.  We've had Mistress K.'s "new boyfriend" (The Goodfella from Vixskin shown above) for a few weeks, but they weren't able to properly get acquainted until last night.  It appears it was a match made in heaven because loved how he fucked her.  

On the advice of an expert, it was my intention to warmup her new friend to something better than room temperature, but Mistress K. was just too eager to properly get to know him that it didn't happen.  She laid resting for 15 minutes afterward.  She was that worn out.  

Permanent?  No, not yet.  Frankly not likely to be permanent in the truest sense of the word.  Moving in that direction?  Yes, it seems so.  

Mistress K. is interested in exploring caged orgasms for the time being it seems.  I mentioned it before, our journey has rapidly accelerated.

Friday, January 7, 2022

"Your Break is Over"

Happy New Year Everyone !!!

On Christmas Eve, Mistress K. allowed me to remove my cage for the upcoming festivities with the family.  Ther were many in attendance and she agreed that an accidental brush against my cage in close quarters was something we wanted to avoid.  So, the cage came off.

Mistress K. then informed me that she was enjoying my cage-free status and that I would remain so until further notice. essentially while so much family was in town visiting.  "Further notice" came yesterday.  I was sent into the shower to put a fresh shave on my bits and to re-install my Jail Bird.  She also reminded me that being caged now, almost permanently, was the rule and NOT the exception.

There was no grousing on my part.  Truth be told, I missed the cage.  Not being caged for the past couple of weeks had caused an odd and recently discovered phenomenon that actually made it more difficult to be the kind of husband she expects me to be.  In other words, it's just easier and more natural when I am caged.

The change for us of me being caged nearly permanent started right our recent Anniversary trip in November.  For a couple of weeks leading up to the trip I was caged 24/7 and we both noticed the benefits of it.  At the time, permanent (mostly) chastity was being contemplated by her going forward.  Mistress wanted me to travel uncaged and to remain uncaged during our trip for her "easy access" to the cock that she owned.  Immediately upon our return, the cage went right back on until Christmas Eve.

Both comments in the above caption were true then.  Now, one of them is not true.  I actually want to be in chastity.  Being permanently caged (mostly) has made such a positive change in our relationship and our rapidly expanding journey into areas of our WLM that we had never been to before.  

Next week the kids go back to college, and we will once again be all alone in our house, with no prying eyes or ears.  Prior the holiday hiatus, Mistress asked a question about whether or not I would be able to cum while caged.  I said yes, of course.  Of course, it is up to Mistress K. where we go from here, but I wonder now if our discussions and journey toward permanent chastity will be enhanced.  

I'm not fearful of the prospect of permanent caging and orgasm being limited to a certain way.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

"Schedule an Inspection"


Pretty much all of our out-of-town guests have left, save for one of our children, home from college for the holidays.  As I was kneeling in front of her this morning, putting her panties on her (like I do every day) before she left for the office, I was given specific instructions.  Those instructions were ... be clean and showered, shaved smooth (face on other places) and be ready for her to inspect my body when she arrives homes.  I am to spend quality time using the pumice stone on my feet, so they are smooth and soft.  I am to lotion my entire body so that it is soft and smooth for my inspection.  

Mistress has been in 'entertaining mode' with house guests for nearly a week.  A stern warning was also given that I had better pass my inspection. Otherwise ....

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Among The Lessons Learned From Wearing The Cage

Since the beginning of October, I have been (almost) permanently caged.  I was let out to go on a fishing trip with the fellas, and last Sunday to play golf with the fellas, and 1 or 2 other times because Mistress wanted access to her favorite penis.  But, for the most part, it has been a part of my body 24/7.  

I've spoken before about how wearing the cage constantly does a great job of reminding me, without being prompted, what my role is and what my preferred behavior should look like to her.

This past 10 days or so have been extremely busy for Mistress K. because of work and the holidays.  Extremely!  As a result, of course, there have been times where I have felt needy.  Needy of her attention.  Needy of her touch.  Even needy of her paddle. I know that letting my neediness impose upon her does nobody any good.  Certainly not her.  She doesn't need the burden of attending to my neediness.  I know this because this something we have talked about often.  

Before the (almost) permanent use of the cage, I was seemingly unable to resist letting my neediness show and then escalate to the point of being annoying.  Now, I am able to keep my neediness to a minimum and instead, focus more and better on the things in her life that cause her stress from business.

She noticed this difference in me and thanked me this morning.  She made a point to tell me she noticed and how very much appreciative she was for it.  Then she said "Good boys get treats."  Those words make it all worth while.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!  We'll take again soon.

Friday, December 10, 2021

A New Experience for Me ... for Us

Panty sniffing.  Yes, I know it's a think but it's never been my thing.  I get why some people enjoy it and make it their kink, but, for whatever reason, it's never made it into my little bucket of kinks.  Mistress K. neither.  In fact, Mistress K. has always felt that it was important that she would never allow or subject me (or any of her boyfriends before we were married) to even the possibility of anything resembling a foul odor in or around her shaven haven.  No way, not going to happen!

As you probably assume or know, being allowed to worship her shaven haven is the pinnacle of demonstrating my devotion and worship to her.  This probably doesn't as a shock to anyone about a devoted submissive husband.  Most of the time, unless Mistress K. has just emerged from a shower, she'll not even consider putting me between her legs for worship.  It's how she has always been since I have known her.  On some level it is very much appreciated.  On other levels it is inconvenient for her (and me) because when she suddenly wants it, she is depriving herself from the spontaneity of lifting her skirt or lowering her pants and ordering me to make her happy.  Simply because she doesn't feel clean enough.  It's something we have discussed and during our "talks", when I am allowed to ask for things, I've asked her consider not worry about what she thinks she might taste like when she spontaneously wants to be worshipped ... whenever and wherever she wants it.  And ... she's coming around. 

Mistress K. has had a particularly busy week at the office, and it has taken a toll on her energy when she gets home.  She has wanted to do little more than snuggle under a blanket and watch TV till she falls asleep.  When she does, I get the joy being able to watch her sleep.  It's beautiful.  I've felt a little neglected this week but I don't dare add my feeling of neglect to the burdens she has this week and do anything I can to make her comfortable and attended to.  

This morning, after Mistress woke from a particularly good night's rest, she was particularly attentive and loving, which of course I adore.  She was in a bit of a hurry so she said to text her so she could give me my instructions for the day.  Her instructions for the day were to make her bed and her bedroom the way she likes it, and reminded me that I was to do it naked as I do every day.  Then, when I was done, as a treat (I love treats) I was instructed to go to her throne (comfy overstuffed chair in our bedroom) and get the panties she left there from yesterday, hold them to my nose while I played with cage and balls for as long as I wanted to.  This something entirely new for us, but of course I did exactly as I was told.

It was the most amazing thing and completely unexpected.  Being allowed to wallow in her smell, her real smell for God knows how long I was fondling myself was one of the most amazing things I have experienced in our marriage.  When I was done, I sent her this text:

"Thank you so much for my amazing treat !!!.  The last 20 minutes were the single toughest test of the strength of my cage since you put me in it.  Thank you thank you thank you Mistress."

Her reply was a simple ... "You're welcome.  Good boy"

I'm sincerely hopeful that this latest stop in our recently accelerated journey will lead to her feeling comfortable enough to want and demand oral service at different times other than just having emerged from the shower.  🙏 Like right after she gets home from work.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!

Monday, December 6, 2021

Words Matter - Some Wisdom

One of my recent posts was a bit of a mini rant about the use of words.  You can find it here. It's a pet-peeve of mine and something I think that contributes to confusion, derision and worse.  

Over at one of my favorite sites, Evolving Your Man, hosted by the lovely and talented (really talented) Emma, a conversation title "We Are Not Like The Others" began in the Forum there.  The very first sentence set the tone:

"I know you all like to shit on cuckolds but me and my husband are happily married for going on twelve wonderful years and we are happy as can be." 

It set into motion a conversation about the manner in which some people perceive and interpret a particular phrase.  In this case the phrases/words were "cuckold" and "humiliation".   Each of those has a decidedly "to each their own" meaning, and the back-and-forth comments reflected a reasonable and thoughtful discussion.  

This post here is not about cuckolding but rather about how each of us interprets words/phrases in our own individual context(s).  One of the comments was absolutely excellent in my humble opinion.  It was from a member on the site that goes by the screen name of "nevertoolate".  (btw, if you aren't a member, you should be.  It's free and easy and the content is epic.)  Here was his comment:

From @nevertoolate:

I'd like to think the controversy here comes from not so much the past dictionary use of the term cuckold, but the more recent use of the word to automatically describe a man humiliated and set aside by his partner's "infidelities."

My default is the dictionary, but understand that words evolve (like us men) and can take on multiple meanings over time. Even the Our Hot Wives forums have frequent scuffles and informative discussions over the definition and meaning of "a man who's wife has sex with others."

What I'm finding absolutely fascinating is how these two different worlds have much more in common than they realize. Things sure have evolved. The writings of the 60s and 70s were very much centered on titillating the interests of men, often in a greater position of control. This evolved into husband still initiating the interest and starting "the talk" but no longer dictating the terms. Now, with so much new writing about women's sexuality, we have come to admit they can be greater powerhouses of desire than men, and naturally have a need for variety.  More are also coming forward and admitting her interest was the catalyst to opening the marriage one sided. As was our situation.

So now we come to a fork in the road, only these two groups, the Hotwife, cuckold, stag/vixen group, and the FLR/Male Chastity group, are all merging into one lane.

I think we can respect each other's differences and terminologies as we merge together and find that our interests and goals are more similar than labels describe. Both of our worlds are female centered. Both groups of men evolve into a new men, less burdened by pride and more empowered by compersion.


Wisdom comes from strange places sometimes.  I happen to think these words are spot and valuable because of the wisdom of what is said here.  A valuable lesson in this world of divisive words and interpretations of what words mean.  Thank you for allowing me to reproduce your words @nevertoolate.

Go by and visit Evolving Your Man.  You'll be glad you did.  Tell em subhubphx sent you.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021



“Men can’t know what women need  -  they must be told”

-   Margaret Mitchell