Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Ordered to remove my cage (update)

OK, so Mistress K. removed my cage just because she wanted to.  Read about it here. She didn't tell me my, nor did she have- to of course.  I still wondered why.  The reason?  Because she felt like it mostly.  What a beautiful reason.

During the six days I was unlocked, there was a lot of spontaneous edging and denial.  Lots.  Frequently called to her bedside while drinking her coffee and watching her home improvement shows to produce an erection, "now", stroke to the edge, then sent on my way.

Then she told me on Monday night that will be caged again in the morning for another undetermined period of time, and that I would have a release before going into the cage.  The "release process" was soaking, followed by enough thrusting to being me to edge of orgasm, then denied an orgasm, then remove my cock from her haven, then ejaculate on her tummy, ruined orgasm style.

She is so good to me.  Back in the cage I go, then I have work to do.  We have a shit ton of people coming to our house for Thanksgiving.  See you on the other side!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Ordered to remove my cage


Since the early spring this year, I have been in (mostly) permanent caged chastity.  Exceptions for the obvious reasons ... air travel, venues with metal detectors, the two times Mistress K. felt especially charitable and wanted to fuck her with my own real cock, and even cum inside of her, but for the most part, always caged.

Last night, right before I dozed off to sleep, Mistress K. rolled over, kissed me goodnight, said "I Love You" and ... "when you serve me my coffee in the morning, you will have removed your cage.

What does it mean?  I don't know cuz she's still sleeping.  I'll let you know what, if anything, comes of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

We continue to evolve .... (a lazy post because it's got a lot of pictures)

The following works exactly the same (maybe even better) if you replace the word girls, with the word boys.  Just sayin.

 Forever .....

Perhaps he means the ruined kind of orgasm in his cage.

There is wisdom in "be careful what you ask for".  That said, our sex life has never been better.

A truer statement has never been said.

Who wouldn't want to know the answer to this?

No, my glorious Mistress, you have to pretend anymore.

The above pictures and captions were obtained from the marvelous Tumblr sites of my friends, Mrs Edge Says, and her dutiful, loving husband Tom Allen.  They have been an inspiration to Mistress K. and I on our journey.  Thank you both.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sex With My Wife is Amazing - Our Orgasms are Amazing

Short and sweet story!  I know it's been a while since I've posted.  Life is good.  No ... life is great!  Mistress K. is happy, healthy and sexy as ever.  Shit just happens and it gets hard to get back here and write stuff.  

When Mistress K. has an adult beverage, there is way better-than-average chance that she'll be horny.  When she's horny, there's a 99% chance she's wanting some sex, and when she's getting some sex, there is 100% chance that she will be having orgasms.

Last night we had dinner with a girlfriend of hers.  We had a lovely time.  Mistress had a few drinks.  They were talking about girl shit and part of that was what shows they are binge watching.  She was getting all excited about the show she needed to watch - tonight - that she turned to me and said in a not at all quiet voice,  "sorry babe, there will be no sex for you tonight.  I'll be watching this show."  "Yes Mistress" I mouthed silently cuz, you know, her friend was there.  

We get home, she goes right into the bathroom, I go into the closet to change into my watching ESPN on the couch clothes.  She comes into the closet, naked, stands on the little bench we have for sitting and tying shoes and starts dancing like a stripper.  Like a smoking hot stripper.  The kind of stripper that will take you into the Champagne room and rock your world.

After a few minutes of a sexy dance, she hops off the bench and says "follow me".  She gets on the bed, lays on her back and orders me to get her vibrator and then kneel between her legs.  She presses the vibrator against her glorious pussy and instructs me to press my cage against the vibrator while she gets busy.  She spent a few minutes making sure than I would have plenty of lovely feels with the vibrator on my cage before really concentrating on her goal.  She's always fascinated when she can make me cum in my cage and although she was getting kinda close, it wasn't going to happen on this night.  If for no other reason than she said "there will be no cummies for you tonight", but also because it would've meant her concentrating on giving me another ruined orgasm in my cage as opposed to the pressing matter at hand ... her orgasm.

I can't tell you what an amazing treat it is to witness my Wife writhe in sexual pleasure, even if I am merely a bystander.  Which I was.  She had a couple of orgasms, culminating in her usual massive orgasm.  When she done she turned the vibrator off and instructed me to get her a glass of wine because she wanted to watch her show.  I thanked her for OUR amazing orgasm, then she excused me from the room.  I was dispatched to the couch and asked her to please come get me when she was ready for sleep.

What an amazing night!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Settling Back into our normal ...

Hi everyone.  It's been a minute since we talked last.  I hope you summer is going well and that everyone you love is happy, safe and comfortable.

I've mentioned before that we were already quite a bit down the road to (mostly) permanent chastity.  For nearly a year, I was mostly caged 24/7.  Wearing the cage was a default expectation by Mistress K., and something that I had come embrace as a normal, everyday experience.  I love it.  We both love.

Summer came a long and with it came some international travel on two different trips to two different destinations, some Covid for Mistress K., some health scares because of elderly parents ... stuff like that.  As a result, Mistress K. had me uncaged for the last half of June and the first half of July.  She didn't say why (she is required to) she preferred me uncaged, she just looked at me and said, "Because ... it's what I want."

Truth be told, I didn't hate being uncaged.  I enjoyed getting erections when nature decided.  I enjoyed standing and peeing.  I was even allowed (actually required) to enjoy 2 different full penetration fucking sessions with Mistress K.  You know, the kind where I would get her all revved up, watch her have an orgasm or two, penetrate her with my very own cock, and not her new
rubber boyfriend (which has been slowly put surely becoming Mistress' preferred cock for penetration), without stopping, all the way to the biggest orgasm I could muster.  That (put it in and go to the finish line) happened twice in 4 weeks.  I felt like a drunk sailor slut on shore-leave.  Prior to that, it had been twice in 5 years. 

As fun as it was, being allowed to orgasm twice in a month, our WLM dynamic was just all messed up.  As things began to settle back to normal for us, that all changed.  In fact, it all changed this Monday morning when Mistress K. was pulling out of the garage on her way to work.  After exchanging our "I love you's" and her giving me my instructions for the day, she said "Oh, and get your cage back on right away."

2 minutes later, my cage was back on, and it was as comfortable and comforting as I had remembered.  The mindset difference between caged and uncaged is an amazing phenomenon. It has been ever since and will for the foreseeable future, and everything is falling right back into line for our "yes Mistress" normal.

Last night, after returning home from a beautiful Italian dinner, I took the dog out to pee and Mistress K. disappeared into the bedroom.  I assumed she would be changing in her jammies for the night.  She didn't.  After helping Fido do his business outside, I heard "Babe, I need you."  I walk into the bedroom and she is peeling off her clothes.  "Lock the door."  She was horny!  "Take off your clothes."  Now I was horny.  "I'm going to have our orgasms tonight.  You won't be."  "Yes Mistress, of course."  "Would you like me to get your boyfriend Mistress?"  "No, not tonight."  Tonight, you will watch me masturbate to orgasm."

She did ... and holy fuck was it glorious! I so much love watching her writhe in sexual pleasure and have orgasms.  Love it!  I was positioned on the bed, kneeling between her spread legs, with caged cock less than an inch from her glorious pussy.  After her orgasm she put the vibrator on my caged cock and said "take this from me and leave it running on your cage.  I want to see you fuck my vibrator.  You have permission to cum in your cage if you can get there."  I couldn't get there.

She took the vibrator back and said, "maybe this will inspire you.", and immediately resumed her masturbation to another, fucking amazing orgasm.  I already know that she loves the idea of me cum in my cage.  It's the ultimate ruined orgasm.  I just couldn't get there.

Still, it was an amazing way to welcome each other back to our normal WLM lifestyle, and we couldn't be happier.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Post Orgasm Spankings (The worst)

I was browsing my favorite blogs this morning and came across this great topic from a site that I really enjoy.  The Disciplinary Couples Club.  I recommend it highly.  Thanks for the image below.

Post orgasm spankings are the very worst.  In my house they are rare.  Thankfully!  Why?  Because they suck.  The reason for a post-orgasm spanking is it takes every last ounce of eroticism out of the act of receiving a punishment spanking.  And believe me, it works!

There were 3 occasions in which Mistress K. administered a post orgasm spanking.  For each of them, she felt that my behavior was so egregious that such a drastic measure was required.  In each of them, we were in a rare argument.  We do disagree from time to time, and sometimes those disagreements result in spankings.  But when we disagree, and I forget my place in our relationship, I sometimes revert to using language and tone that is clearly disrespectful.  Disrespect and intolerance is something that Mistress K. DOES NOT tolerate.  Ever!  She is keenly aware of the effect of post orgasm spankings and always keeps them in her back pocket for such occasions.  Thankfully it has been a few years since I "forgot my role", so it's been quite a while since I've endured such an awful punishment.

The first time, we had been arguing and she left the room angry and in tears.  30 minutes later, she re-emerged, walked right up to me, pointed to the bedroom and said "move".  Once in the bedroom she made me strip while standing on the tile portion, and told me to masturbate to full orgasm and cum on the floor.  I mistakenly thought she was giving me a treat.  After coming she said lay over the bed and left the room and came back with her paddle.  She proceeded to give me the hardest, most painful spanking she had ever given me up to that point.  I was pleading and begging her to stop, but that only made the blows come harder and faster.  I soon realized that I had better apologize (and mean it) and make her understand that I knew what I had done wrong.  When she was done, she just dropped the paddle at my feet and left room, telling me to "clean up this mess".  She got in her car and went shopping.

Fellas, can you imagine having to endure this right after having an orgasm?  It's not fun.  Not even a little.  My friend Dan at Disciplinary Couples Club made this comment, which i agree with wholeheartedly; 

"But I look at post orgasm spankings as the “nuclear option” to be used when all else fails, but not every time. 

The "nuclear option" in my mind is something falls just short of total relationship dissolution.

He also mentioned this, which I also understand and agree;  

" ... my wife can make a punishment spanking very real without making me cum before while holding the post orgasm out as an implicit threat if she feels it is needed."

All of this of course leads to the most important aspect of all of this ... the means with which Mistress can and will correct unsatisfactory behavior, which after all is what punishment is for.  Being able to unilaterally correct undesirable behavior is absolutely essential in a WLM.  Duh, right?

The other two times were both pretty much the same.  

More disrespectful demeanor and language, only this time she abruptly ended the discussion with "That's it!", followed by instructions for immediate orgasm and assuming the position.

Like I said, it's been a few years since Mistress K. has had to resort to such drastic corrective measures, which we are both grateful for.  

Thank you again Dan from Disciplinary Couples Club for the inspiration.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Where have ya been ... and ... Branded?


We've been busy!  I'm basically a humble person so I always feel a little uneasy apologizing for being away.  I don't want to be presumptuous that anyone really notices or cares.  On the off chance someone might, I apologize for being away almost 3 months.  We've been traveling internationally (twice), dealt with (dealing with) the Covid, one of my kids got married and a very close family member has been in the hospital with heart issues.  Like I said, we've been busy.  All that said, we're still very much in love, still very much a Wife-Led couple and still very happy. 

Mistress K. and I have talked in the past about me getting "branded" with something that would permanently
 mark me as her owned property.  I've been thinking about that a lot recently.  Interestingly enough, just the other morning, Mistress called me into the bedroom to tell me that she has found the person she wants to give me my tattoos.  Tattoos?  Yes, tattoos.  It was all coincidental.  Great minds think alike, I guess.

Not a sentence like this picture but more of a subtle, pretty reminder of who's who and what's what.  Something like this, right above my cock and just above where my cage sits.

Only we'd replace the red butterfly with a white rose.  A white rose of course, is the symbol of a submissive husband, or at least that is what I have been told.  She has also decided that there are going to be at least 2 other tattoos of 2 other very meaningful things to both of us.  Where they go has yet to be determined.   I have asked her to consider having at least one of them on my ass so it is something she will see every time she spanks me.  

I am so excited to get this done.  When?  I don't know.  Remember when i said we were dealing with the Covid?  Yeah, well Mistress K. has it.  She's recovering nicely but it's a slow process.  So, we'll see.

What are your thoughts on the branding one's submissive?