Friday, September 17, 2021

How are things? Or ... how things are


It's been a while since we've talked.  I sincerely hope all is well with you in your world.  Life in Mistress K.'s house as been delightful, fun, interesting and fun.  All is well here as we are adjusting to our empty-nestness.

In my previous 2 blogs, I mentioned how Mistress K. has really ramped up the issuance of, and severity of her discipline and punishment.  Before empty nest, punishments were promised but had to be delayed because kids were around.  That doesn't happen now.  Well, except last week, we were staying with family at a cabin and I fucked up, and was disrespectful to her in front of others.  A punishment was promised and had to wait until we returned home.

We got home late on a Saturday night.  Mistress slept in the truck on the way home and got right into bed immediately after pulling into the driveway.  After unloading and unpacking, I showered and joined her in bed.  She was sleeping deep (and looked so beautiful).

Sunday morning when she woke up, she summoned me to her bedside and had me fetch her coffee.  She wanted to watch her home shows for a while and then told me we would have our Sunday morning readings and review in about an hour, and instructed me to put on panties.  I read her copies of 3 interesting blog stories from our favorite blogs, which she enjoyed immensely.  Then she said "we are gong to have our review time now.  She sent me for another cup of coffee and said "meet me at my chair".  Her chair is an overstuffed Queen's throne in the corner of  out large bedroom.  When I returned with her coffee she was sitting on her throne, dressed in her robe, legs crossed and merely point to the floor at her feet.  I set her coffee, kneeled and assumed a position with my hands behind my back facing her, wearing only red, lacy, thong panties.

She lectured me on my behavior while at the cabin and about how she expected my anticipation of her needs to significantly improve to the point where I would need to learn better on how to anticipate her needs rather than her having to to tell me what she wants or needs from me.  "Yes Mistress, of course", I said and meant it.

Now, she said, go into the closet and remove your cage and then bring to me your favorite paddle.  You have a punishment coming from your behavior last week.  I have learned that Mistress now prefers to administer punishment spankings with my cage off.  She does that because I get an erection every time I am about to be spanked and She has learned that the spanking is no where severe enough until my erection has been eliminated, at which point she considers the spanking to have just started.  Again, mistress has taken my spankings to a whole new level.

I returned with her leather paddle and me erection hardly contained in my lacy panties.  She said "this time, you will be across my knees and you will NOT and neither your hands nor feet will be touching the ground.  I was to relax and balance on her legs.

I assumed the position across her legs and she began to paddle me.  Hard at first then harder.  She said "I am going to continue to paddle you until you beg me to stop and only when I am convinced that your begging is sincere".  She proceeded to administer the hardest spanking I have received from her to date.  Finally my sincere begging for her stop convinced her that I had learned my lesson.  There weren't tears, but they were close.  

"Stand up!"  Seeing that there was no erection, she handed me the paddle and told me to put it away ... "for now".  "What a cute red red butt." she said as i walked away from her toward the closet.  While in the closet she said "pull the front of your panties down under your cock and balls, get an erection now, and bring me my vibrator."

It took a minute or so to achieve an erection and lower the front of my panties under my balls.  I retrieved her vibrator and returned to her throne.  She was now naked, legs spread and reached for the vibrator.  She turned it on and placed it on her happy spot and let out a little moan while she slid to the edge of the chair.  "Put your cock in me but NO THRUSTING."  She proceeded to have 2 glorious orgasms before shutting off the vibrator.  Even though I was forbidden from thrusting, and was relegated to simply soaking inside of her while she orgasmed, I begged her to allow me to cum, even just ejaculate with a ruined orgasm.  She was quick to deny any ejaculation and ordered me to straighten up the room.  

She took her now cold coffee and left eh bedroom.  At the door she stopped and said that I had 15 minutes to calm down and to have my cock back in its cage.  "Set the timer on your phone and report to me in 15 minutes"  Meeting that deadline was difficult ... but I got it in just in the nick of time and reported to her for inspection.  She smiled and said "good boy.  I'd like some breakfast now.  I'm famished."  I said "Yes Mistress, and thank you for my spanking and for our orgasms Mistress.  They were glorious."

I so very much love my Mistress!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

More ..... We Are Now Empty Nesters


In a recent post about being empty nesters I said this:

Punishments are swift, decisive and the spankings are much harder than they have been in the past.  Mistress has far less tolerance for any level of service and devotion that does meet her current heightened  expectations of me as her submissive/slave husband.

Today, I thought Mistress was napping and i enjoyed a treat we both enjoy that I know I supposed to ask her if she would like to join whenever she is in the house with me.  I made the mistake of assuming she was sleeping when in fact she wasn't.  She smirked as she walked out the door to take the dog pee.

10 minutes later, she walks over to where I am sitting on the couch and says "stand and lower your pants".  I look up and she has a large wooden spoon in her hand and she's slapping against her free hand.

Swift, painful justice was meted out for my lack of consideration.

Empty nesters .........  I'm learning quickly but sometimes not quick enough!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Good Boys Get Treats

In my most recent post, I told you about about how we are now empty nesters, and how Mistress K. has ramped up her dominance, leadership and frankly all aspects of our beautiful existence together.  Seems she is pleased with my performance over this past week or so.  Two days of which she was away tending to her BFF who had a small surgery and needed some assistance.  A tired Mistress K. returned home last night to find her home immaculately clean.  Her bed was made just like she likes it ... everything was in order in the house.  Just two weeks ago she very well would've expected to arrive home after being away to, well at least a few things out of sort.  She was pleased.

She has always said "good boys get treats".  So, this morning after showering and getting gussied up for her errands around town, and still naked, she called me into the bedroom holding the door then locking it behind me (we're still getting used to this empty nest thing).  I was nervous I was about to get a spanking, but for what?  Maybe she wanted help getting her panties on like I do for every weekday morning?  

She walked over to her throne (overstuffed chair in the corner), sat in it and told me to get naked except for my cage of course, and the lacy thong panties she had me put on when I woke up.  "Get my vibrator" and come over here.  

After asking for permission, I was allowed to worship her beautiful pussy for 5 minutes or so before she pushed my off and finished herself off with the vibrator.  Once her vibrator touched her clit, she told me to get my tongue on her beautiful pink bottom hole and in seconds she was having an amazing and looonnggg orgasm.

My cock trying to get hard in it's cage, and after a minute or so for her to recover, I thanked for "our" orgasm and for allowing me to be present for hers.  She shooed me away and on my way to the door she said ... "I hope you liked your treat.  Good boys get treats."

Wow ......  Thank you Mistress.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

We Are Now Empty Nesters

Hi everyone.  It's been a while since we have talked and I've missed you all.

All is well (very well) in Mistress K.'s house.  We are surviving, even thriving during this pandemic and our beloved lifestyle continues to grow and deepen our love for each other.

As the title implies, we are now empty nesters having recently delivered our youngest child to college.  We went through the expected few days of sadness associated with realizing that your child(ren) no longer wake up everyday in their rooms, in your house.  For those of you that have experienced such a thing, I'm sure you can sympathize.

Then, we did realize that we were indeed all alone in our house.  Nobody to worry about seeing or hearing us as we do what we we do.  No longer having to "wait till later" for the service she wants or needs to be delivered, or for the proper punishments to be meted out.  No longer being restricted from me being summoned to wherever she is in the house and ordered to produce an erection or to edge myself simply for her viewing pleasure.  Even though we have only just stepped through the open door into the new and unknown areas of growth in our WLM, there has been a noticeable giddy-up, an invigorated enthusiasm in Mistress K.'s leadership as the Mistress of the house and as my owner.

Punishments are swift, decisive and the spankings are much harder than they have been in the past.  Mistress has far less tolerance for any level of service and devotion that does meet her current heightened  expectations of me as her submissive/slave husband.  All of which has me constantly at or near the kind of subspace I have always dreamed of.

This benchmark in our lives should prove to be very interesting and exciting as we now have the ability to explore even more aspects and benefits of a truly Wife Led Marriage, and all the potential activities associated with it that we otherwise never could consider with kids in the house.  Who knows what those things will be but I don't mind admitting that I am beyond excited for what our near and long term futures will look like.

One last thing, Mistress K. continues to love having me caged.  I have a standing order that I am to put my jiggly bits under lock and key, without instruction, anytime we are not physically in the same location.  As such, I am caged A LOT!

Thanks for stopping by.  We'll talk soon


Friday, May 21, 2021

My Favorite Morning Instructions

 Truth be told, when I am waiting on Mistress to give my morning instructions for the day, I especially enjoy enjoy hearing " .... and you'll do all of those things today wearing some pretty panties and a butt plug."

Yeah, there's just something awesome about wearing a butt plug and a pair of nice fitting thong panties at the same time.

Thank you Mistress!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shaved or not

I came across this article today that asks the question ... Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

I know trends come and go and until government passes a law that requires that everyone be shaved or everyone be hairy down there (just kidding of course ... or am I?), it's still a person perference.

My preference is shaved.  Shaved fully.  Shaved smooth. Shaved bald.  Thankfully that is Mistress K's preference as well.

What is your preference and why?  

Friday, April 16, 2021

Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki

I have ZERO interest in your politics, just like I assume you could care less about mine.  Forget the politics.  I don't want to hear about it.  What I do think is ... there is just something so sexy about this woman.   Rawr!

Perhaps it has something to do with my partiality toward redheads, but whatever the reason,  RAWR !!!

Perhaps it's a combination of her red hair and her clear and obvious confidence, intelligence and strength

Perhaps it's all of the above plus a good sense of humor?  Hell, I don't even know if she has a sense of humor.

I guess it doesn't matter what the RAWR is for me, just that there is RAWR there for me.

Happy weekend everyone !!!