Friday, April 16, 2021

Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki

I have ZERO interest in your politics, just like I assume you could care less about mine.  Forget the politics.  I don't want to hear about it.  What I do think is ... there is just something so sexy about this woman.   Rawr!

Perhaps it has something to do with my partiality toward redheads, but whatever the reason,  RAWR !!!

Perhaps it's a combination of her red hair and her clear and obvious confidence, intelligence and strength

Perhaps it's all of the above plus a good sense of humor?  Hell, I don't even know if she has a sense of humor.

I guess it doesn't matter what the RAWR is for me, just that there is RAWR there for me.

Happy weekend everyone !!!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pantied, Plugged and Caged

 For the first in weeks, Mistress K. and I have the house to ourselves for the entire weekend.  Mistress wasted zero time in establishing the tone for the weekend.  

Last night I was required to wear a butt plug to sleep, lacey red thong panties and of course, my cage.  This morning, I was informed that this will be attire this weekend until further notice.

Subspace switch on!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Obedient Love Podcasts - Ms. Viola Voltairine

Recently I came across a wonderful site that has valuable information about things WLM/FLR from the perspective of  Ms. Viola Voltairine.  You can find her Podcast site her - 

During one of our special Sunday Morning Reading times recently, we listened to two of Viola's podcasts together.  One was about "the many aspects of long term chastity".  It was excellent!  Especially for us because of our recent purchase of a quality chastity cage that I cold wear for long periods of time.  Mistress K. has taken a recent interest in me being caged for periods of time that were explained to me as 

"Not sure.  I'll see how I feel as we go on.  It WILL be more often than not though"

The other podcast we listened to and loved was all about communication, and in particular to those she describes as "successful, long term Femdom couples".  It too was excellent.  I suggest you give them a listen.  I'm confident you'll be glad you did.

Lastly, blog posts that are only words are boring.  Here's some gratuitous sexy pictures:

It's what good boys get when they behave well enough to earn a treat.

Have always wanted to experience the excruciating joy of being placed in a humbler.  Hopefully some day.

Speaking of hopefully some day, I've always wanted (and encouraged) Mistress to find herself a nice female sub to have on hand.  I'm certain it would add to the bliss in her life.

Another treat given to a well behaved husband.

Redheads are just so gorgeous.  None as much as Mistress K., but gorgeous nonetheless.

Mind?  Would I mind?  I would consider it an honor.  Fucking her with a strapon or sleeve to orgasm is, to me, the sexiest form of denial.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone !!

Friday, April 2, 2021

I thought it was a fun question

 I came across a fun question on FetLife today in the group - Submissive men - and women who love them.  Normally the things you see on FetLife are inane question and comments by trolls and cretins.  Every so often though ….

The question was:

To the slaves out there:

To the slaves out there. If you were given a carte blanche from your mistress to worship her the way you want for one night, after being in chastity for a month what would you do? Would you enjoy the freedom?

Here was my response:

I'd bathe her in a beautiful fragrant bath. Shave her legs, armpits and pussy just the way she likes. After drying her off completely, I'd lead her to the chair in our bedroom we call her throne. A lovely, comfortable easy chairs with arms. I'd sit her down, scooch her ass to the edge and proceed to orally worship her pussy and ass to several orgasms, until she said stop, with my tongue. After she regained her composure, I'd lay her down on the bed and use her vibrator to more orgasms, Finally, I'd don the dildo that attaches to my chin and give her the pleasure of penetration and oral stimulation on her clit until she had enough. I'd finish it on our massage table with a luxurious full body massage.

I thought it was a great question.  Subs/slaves …. what would you do.  Dommes …. would this carte blanches freedom be something you'd want to ever give your sub/slave?

Please do let me know what you would do if you could.

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate Easter!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Until I Tell You Otherwise

This picture is an accurate representation of my current daily status.  With the purchase of the exquisitely made, properly sized and super comfortable Jail Bird cage from Mature Metal, I've been transformed from a dutiful husband that would only occasionally wear and uncomfortable (plastic tube) cage only when being punished, to a dutiful husband that wears a steel cage until I am told otherwise.

Permanent?  Did she say permanent?  Gulp!

Although I seriously doubt that being caged will not be anything near permanent, I am certain that it will be more often than not.  Where it goes from there is anyone's guess.  Anyone except for Mistress K. that is.  She has fallen in love with the way the Jail Bird looks on me, and the constant symbolistic reminder of what it represents when I am wearing.  Having worn it for a week straight already (before sending it in for a small adjustment), Mistress already knows that discomfort and lack of hygiene that was associated with the plastic cage is NOT an issue.

It seems to have already clicked with Mistress K. and she has made it about herself, which of course she has every right to do.  Like in the picture, she will unlock the cage only when it suits HER.  

Am I complaining?  No. Not in the least.  Wearing this cage has had a very beneficial phycological effect on me in my role in our loving WLM.  I was disappointed that it needed to come to be sent back for re-sizing, and very eager to get it returned as soon as possible.  So much so in fact that I sent it overnight to Mature Metal.  They were amazing by the way, and got it back to me very quickly.  

Wearing the cage is of course a constant reminder for me of my devotion and servitude to my Mistress Wife, and I enjoy wallowing in how that makes me feel.  I'm sure there will be days when I will want it off, but in the meantime ... all good.  It also has the effect of essentially making me feel as though my cock has been taken out of the equation when sexy, kinky naughty time happens.  This helps me focus better on my pleasure tasks at hand and also naturally makes me feel that I can focus on other parts of my body to absorb the pleasure of sex with Mistress.

I don't need to remind that 2020 was an interesting year for each of us.  It seems that 2021 and beyond will be interesting as well.  I cannot wait to see where this benchmark in our journey takes us in our beautiful, loving WLM.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Something I haven't experienced before ... till now


I do.  I want to stay locked up.  I want to be a good boy.

Like most devoted couples, our wonderful marriage is a journey and in our journey we have the opportunity to discover new and marvelous things. One of the things I recently discovered on our journey is that a properly sized chastity cage is different (and better) than being chaste using the honor system.  Wearing that cage, even though there has never been a reason for Mistress K. to worry about unauthorized masturbation, creates a whole different (and better) kind of subspace.  The presence of the cage is a nearly constant, beautiful reminder of of her authority in our marriage.  Even though we have been married for 21 years, and even though we have been in a committed, acknowledged WLM for 8 years, it's a truly amazing thing to experience, essentially for the first time.  This, even though we had a cage all of those years.  When the new, perfectly fitted Jail Bird arrived, all of that changed.

I discovered another new and wonderful experience just yesterday morning.  During our usual Sunday morning readings/review/discussion time, while having been in my new Jail Bird cage for 7 consecutive days (another first), Mistress K. abruptly decided that then was a good time to, well, take my ass with her rubber cock.  She retreated to the closet wear the good stuff is kept, returned to the bed, ordered me to get her vibrator and ordered me to lay on my side with one leg pulled up near my chest.  

I heard her position herself comfortably behind me then I heard the wand vibrator turned on it's familiar high setting.  A soft moan escaped her lips behind me and then I felt the coolness of her rubber cock press against bottom hole.  She expertly guided it inside of me and slowly eased it fully inside.  I was instructed not to move while she was "taking what she wanted".  

It was an amazing new experience.  She had a glorious orgasm quicker than she usually does.  After a very brief pause for her to regain her faculties, she proceeded to "take what she wanted" from me.  

What was new about this?  Believe it or not it is the very first time I had taken her cock while being comfortably caged.  Being caged gave me a feeling of complete subjugation.  Objectification.  The Jail Bird had the effect of taking my own cock completely out of the equation, both physically and mentally.  As if it wasn't even there so to speak.  It was an intoxicating sensation of feeling as though I was nothing more than sexual receptacle, there for her use and enjoyment.  Like the only thing I had to offer my Dominant lover was my rear hole.  As such, almost instinctively I began to respond in such a way as to naturally want to Her to be pleased with how her object of desire was accepting to receiving her cock.  It was an amazing feeling to be objectified and subjugated like that by her.

Just as I was beginning to get deep into the incredible subspace I was experiencing, Mistress K. said "that's all for now".  An instinctive moan of disapproval came from inside of me and I proceeded to attempt to persuade her to continue her loving assault.  Not with words, but with slut-like movements and sounds intended to have naturally want to continue.  That worked for another minute or so, but then she put an end to things.  Leaving her cock inside me, she told me to go to the bathroom and "clean up".  That our fun was over ... "for now".

I was awash in subspace bliss as I walked toward the bathroom.  I felt a delicious level of shy satisfaction at being used as nothing more than her dutiful object of desire, all the while hoping she was watching me with lust and desire ... even perhaps pondering ideas of more subjugation events to come.  

I don't mind admitting it.  I felt like her used slut ... and I liked it.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but ....

it was amazing and wonderful nonetheless.  

I was sitting at my computer, responding on another blog when Mistress appeared at the open doorway, naked and freshly showered.

"Come with me", she said and led me to the bedroom, locking the door behind us in case our teenage son came home.  I surely thought that I was in for my 3rd hard spanking of the day.  I've been a little petulant today and Mistress was not having it.

Instead she gets on the bed, on her back, spreads her legs and just looks at me for a few seconds.  Clearly I wasn't going to be spanked again so of course my mind went right to ... she's going to allow me to worship her just showered, freshly shaved pussy with my mouth.

It wasn't to be.  Instead she told me to remove all my clothes so she could see my recently caged cock and then told me to get her vibrator and give her an orgasm.  

It was an amazing thing to witness, as it always is.  Hair still wet, smelling gorgeous and writhing with her legs spread on her way to a wonderful orgasm.  When she was done, she said "that will be all" and sent me on her way.

I thanked her with genuine love and lust in my heart and eyes for "our" orgasm and suggested that perhaps next time she wanted me to use her vibrator to make her cum that she may enjoy it more if she had a cock, rubber or real, filling her glorious pussy.  I then turned and gathered my clothes and left the bedroom.

Not that would be any doubt but my new and wonderful Jail Bird contained everything nicely.

Lazy Saturday afternoons are the best.