Monday, January 10, 2022

She Fucked Him for the First Time


The house was ours again.  All the holiday company had gone home.  We were empty nesters again.  We've had Mistress K.'s "new boyfriend" (The Goodfella from Vixskin shown above) for a few weeks, but they weren't able to properly get acquainted until last night.  It appears it was a match made in heaven because loved how he fucked her.  

On the advice of an expert, it was my intention to warmup her new friend to something better than room temperature, but Mistress K. was just too eager to properly get to know him that it didn't happen.  She laid resting for 15 minutes afterward.  She was that worn out.  

Permanent?  No, not yet.  Frankly not likely to be permanent in the truest sense of the word.  Moving in that direction?  Yes, it seems so.  

Mistress K. is interested in exploring caged orgasms for the time being it seems.  I mentioned it before, our journey has rapidly accelerated.


  1. Glad the new toy was such a success:) I love how you too are exploring and evolving in your relationship.


    1. Thanks as always Roz. Yeah, we are loving it too. My goal in life is make hers as blissful and enjoyable as possible.


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