Thursday, January 19, 2023

I Missed an Important Text

13 years ago, when Mistress K. and I entered into the beautiful wife-led love affair that we have now, then again 8 years ago during our collaring ceremony, I pledged to dedicate my life and my efforts to being attentive to her needs, and just as importantly, her desires.  It was then and is now the cornerstone of our beautiful marriage together.  

This morning my phone beeped with a text notification.  I looked and to my disappointment I noticed that Mistress K. pinged a text she sent at 1 in the morning, long after i had gone to sleep.  It read simply:

"Wake me at 9am.  Hot cup of coffee in only red panties kneeling bedside - Don't disappoint.

To my horror, it was 9:25am and it was the ping that brought my attention to her middle of the night text.  I immediately went in to apologize for being inattentive.  She was sitting up in bed and none too happy.  "I'm so sorry Mistress, I didn't notice the text until now", I said.  She was not having any of it.  Sitting up, arms crossed and stunningly naked, she said "make it happen!  Now!

I immediately got her coffee ready, stripped naked, put on my red thong panties, went to her bedside, kneeled and presented her coffee to her.  

Still not happy she said "Get your paddle!".  I returned with the paddle, and she proceeded to make the necessary correction to my forgetfulness and behavior.

It hurt!  Mostly because it has been a while since I was last paddled, and before that it had also been a while.  It hurt!

I thanked Mistress K. for my spanking, and thanked her for loving me.  She allowed me to nuzzle and kiss in her neck for a bit and then return the paddle to it's place in her drawer.

Really, some of the best, closest, most loving moments we have is immediately following a punishment paddling.  Thank you Mistress K.  I love you!


  1. Well I can not say I feel sorry for you and it is wonderful you have a wife who cares so much that she would immediately discipline you and make it hurt.

  2. I guess that was a lesson to be more attentive, ouch! It was a middle of the night text, easily missed.


    1. Hi Roz. Easily missed ... yes, but still not an excuse! Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hello.

  3. Having a wife who is so attentive to your development and training needs is a blessing.


  4. I think she was a bit unreasonable considering the hour she texted you, but SHE is in charge. I too, have to serve my partner coffee in bed every morning. Realizing you were late, you acted properly. Perhaps I would have brought the paddle with me along with her coffee. Like you I would have expected to be paddled, accepted it, thanked her for it and loved her for being my Dominant Mistress.

  5. Hi Cowboy. Thanks as always for stopping by. That's just it. I wasn't expecting a paddling. Honestly, she just hasn't been strict in recent weeks, so ....

  6. The most intense feelings of love for my wife have been after she whipped my ass. It sure does hurt more when you are not so accustomed to it though.

    1. I completely agree MRBILL. It's one of those hate/love things. Hate getting the hurt on my ass, love that she loves me enough to require it. I've heard the same said about being required to consume your ejaculate every time you cum.

      Thanks as always for stopping by my friend.

  7. Subjunctive, Hope you’re ok!


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