Monday, October 11, 2021

There's a Shift Happening

 Locktober ...

We are in our 11th year of a WLM marriage.  We've gone from a couple that had an ill-fated initial attempt at using a chastity cage as an integral part of our daily life (CB6000 was uncomfortable and she thought it smelled "yucky") in the beginning, to now a couple that are eagerly and happily participating in Locktober (Mature Metal Jail Bird makes all the difference).

After 10 full days days in my cage, there has been a shift in my desire (or lack thereof) for wearing a cage for an entire month, and much more so on a daily basis for other months not called October.  


I'm loving it because of the enormous symbolism that wearing a cage full time, and how it is indeed a constant reminder of my submission to the beautiful Mistress K.  So much so that I told Mistress K. how much I have been enjoying the headspace that wearing the cag for 10 days straight has had me in.  I was about to let her know that it would be ok if she wanted me to wear it most, if not "all" of the time after Locktober was done ... but I immediately remembered that she had cured of such topping-from-the-bottom gestures in the past.  

She said she liked having me locked too but said that she missed her cock and that she was concerned that constant wearing of the cage would shrink it.  Is that a thing?  Should She (we) be worried about such a thing?


  1. *smile* so glad you both seem to be reaping the benefits:)


  2. Chastity has been probably the single most effective catalyst of my submission to my Wife. i LOVE how it makes me feel. How it forces me to focus on Her pleasure and Her needs. Taking my sexual satisfaction out of the equation has me focused on Her at all times. Submitting to Her and pleasing Her, brings me more satisfaction than my orgasms ever could have.

    And to answer your question. Ask 100 people, you'll get 100 different answers. Your wife sounds a lot like mine. Sounds like she still likes to play with your cock? If she's allowing you erections at all (however infrequent they may be), it's not going to shrink.



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