Monday, October 18, 2021

Locktober has had a profound effect on U/us

Like many other men, I am entering my 18th straight day of being caged.  Unlike some of them, and the men most commonly portrayed in the porn version of captioned pictures, Locktober has had a profound (good) effect on O/our relationship.

Long time readers may remember that in our 11 years of acknowledged WLM, we began our journey with the purchase of a cage.  It was a plastic tube type that scratched our immediate itch to participate in WLM activities, but we soon realized that like many things, reality is (or so it seemed) to be way different than the fantasy of it.  The CB6000 we bought was stinky already on the 2nd day, and it was so uncomfortable that wearing it for even just a few days was going to be impossible.  So, we quickly scuttled it and Mistress K. relegated it to be used only for significant punishments purposes only.  Meaning, if I really fucked up, I'd be expected to endure the pain and since she was really not happy with me, there would be no reason for her to get anywhere my penis.

That all changed with the purchase of my Jail Bird cage.  ALL of those other issues disappeared immediately.  That was in February of this year.  Since then, we became a WLM couple that had a properly and oft caged husband.  Nothing permanent, but of course more and more as time went on.  We evolved into a standing rule that I was to be caged, without being told, anytime we were not together physically.  That was mostly during the week when she would go to the office during the day.  I'd put it on immediately upon her departure, and remove it upon her arrival home.  I wasn't required to ask permission but I did anyway, and there were plenty of times that said she preferred I wear it to bed for sleep, or just because.  She didn't need a reason of course.  The most I was ever caged was for2, maybe 3 days.

Since we had made the transition into a caged husband couple, Mistress K., of course, said we would be participating in Locktober, as chronicled in previous posts.  We were both actually very excited to participate knowing that there were no comfort or "stinky" issues to deal with.

As you may already know, every Sunday morning, Mistress and I have planned time together for me to read to her some of things I may come across from other blogs that we both found interesting, even helpful to us in our journey.  I'd read a blog post from my favorite sites like Evolving Your Man, authored by the wonderful and talented Emma, Femdom Think Tank, written by the marvelous Mz Kaylee, along with routine email interactions with some of the friends I have made here over the years.  By the way, I do strongly suggest you visit those two sites if you don't already.  They are very informative, very interesting and immensely helpful sites because they are hosted by real people, in real lives, and not just the usual bullshit wank fodder many other sites seem to be.  

At the threshold of yesterday's Sunday reading/naughty-time session with Mistress K., I confessed to her that my time being constantly caged during this month has really helped me better understand my role as her devoted submissive husband.  The very fact that it is constantly attached to me has been far more comforting than I would've ever guessed, and as such, has really helped me reflect on how I can be a better husband to her.  This reflection happened mostly when we were apart.  I told her that the primary thing it has helped me with was not allowing me to feel sorry for myself if I was starting to feel neglected, or was frustrated that there wasn't enough teasing/edging, enough sec or enough attention in general.  It made me better understand and realize that when I would subconsciously (or consciously) begin to act like a whiney little neglected bitch to get attention, that it would only put more burden on her life, which of course is the very opposite of what I want to do for her always.  To remember better that it isn't at all about me, but rather all about her and if I were receive attention from her just because I wanted it, well ... that wasn't right.  

It also made me find waaaaay more comfort in the knowledge that ANY attention I get from, any at all, was a gift from her and a treat, and that I have never, ever had to worry getting more than enough attention from her, for which I was even more grateful for.  That I was grateful to have such a beautiful loving Wife that is eagerly and happily on this journey with me.  All of this increased gratitude and appreciation was something I needed to let her know about it, and I attributed it the constant confinement of my cage.  This caused the most beautiful, most appreciative, most loving look to come over her face.  "Thank you.  That means so much to me."  Then she held my face and kissed me.

Right away I began to read the first of 3 blog articles I had chosen for the day.  Well, 1 blog article and two erotic fiction stories which was something Mistress K. had previously said she'd like to have included on Sundays.  The first was a blog article about "Permanent Chastity" that was published by "Female Led University" on Tumblr.  Given the happiness we both were feeling with our Locktober progress, I thought it might be a suitable topic and the article was very informative and interesting.  It carefully spoke of the actual facts associated with a true permanent chastity situation, even suggesting that almost permanent chastity is where most couples settle.  Near the end of the article it explained that real permanent chastity meant making the decision that husband would never again be allowed inside of his wife, and that it would mean exactly what it implied, permanent chastity.  We both found the article to be wonderful.  I asked her how she was feeling about really extended periods of chastity and she replied with "I think we'll be doing more of that.".  When asked what she thought of what we just read about "permanent chastity", she said "It's very interesting".

She then undid her sexy little robe while scooching me off the bed and said, "Let me ask you ... do you think you are able to orgasm with your cage on and only from being pegged?"  I replied yes, because it's happened before.  Quite easily in fact.

She ordered me off the bed, removed her robe and positioned herself on the edge of the bed.  "On your knees and pleasure me!"  It was amazing!  For both of us.  Simply amazing.  AS she neared orgasm, which was significantly quicker than usual, she ordered me to stop be she didn't want to orgasm just then.  She slid under the covers and told me to read her one of the erotic stories I had chosen.

It was a story about a middle aged woman and her husband that had watched a porno where a woman was having sex with two men.  The wife said how hot that made her and all of that promoted conversation between that culminated in them discussing actually making it happen.  They, like Mistress K. and I, were private and upstanding members of their community and quickly realized, once the conversation evolved into the let's make it happen phase, that actually finding someone was next to impossible.  So they decided that they would arrange for a professional, expensive but qualified male escort to meet them on an upcoming vacation they had planned.  The very well-written story went on to explain in detail how professional the escort was about the process leading up to the event, and how the event itself was an amazing experience for the wife, and as such the husband, and how it effectively allowed them to experience it without all of the other worries they.  Discretion.  The chance of the escort/bull, whatever you want to call him, falling for or wanting a continuing relationship with the wife, or vice versa.  All of it.  

After the article was read, Mistress K. said ... "I liked it.  I think I'm going to like more erotic stories on Sundays."  Then she said, "Go put on your cock".  By which she meant, go put on the strap on that has replaced my penis for Locktober.  Of course the rubber cock that was in the harness, which of course is bigger than me, isn't prone to cumming too soon and Mistress K. was able to have several orgasms with long, deep, slow then fast penetration.  Was she thinking about the story we had just read?  I would imagine so.  Afterward, she curled up in the bed under the covers and rested, quickly falling asleep.  I went to watch football.

I've said before in previous posts that our journey is moving faster than ever before and further into things that we have never before even spoke about.  Does her question immediately preceding ordering me to service her orally, about whether or not I could orgasm with my cage on mean that she is contemplating eventual permanent chastity for me, and all that goes with it?  Does her clearly hot and horny condition after the story of the wife getting a really good fucking from a professional mean that it might be something she wants to do  (Btw, come to think of it, we are going on an Anniversary trip to Lake Tahoe in a few weeks.  Hmmmmm)?  Perhaps some or all of that may be true or not but I do know one thing ..... we have clearly just had the very first thing, communication wise, necessary to go down those roads.

In the past, I've never fully believed the concept of how prolonged chastity cage wearing can be a beautiful thing.  I'm a believer now.


  1. Hi sub hub, permanent chastity, wow! I love reading about how you and Mistress K are evolving and developing in your WLM and how you communicate. Love your Sunday sessions too :)


    1. Thank you Roz. You know much I appreciate you when you stop by to say hi. Thank you for the lovely kind words as always.

  2. Fascinating to read how things are evolving for you and Mistress K sub hub, long may it continue.


    1. Thank you Poppet Subslut. I hear ya sister, long may it continue! Thank you.

  3. As a long time reader of your blog, I feel like chastity has been an inevitable. You are on that big scary first hill of the rollercoaster of emotions. I can't wait to hear how you grow to love being locked.

    1. Hi Emma. Thanks so much for stopping and saying hello.

      I'll agree that we/I are on the rollercoaster of emotions, but I also think we've already been over that long first hill to the top. I already do love being locked more than not, even before Locktober came around. Starting day 20 has been an absolute treat and like I had said, it really has allowed for me to understand on a more conscious level, how to better achieve our goal, which is of course for her to have bliss and pleasure in her life. We've never been closer. After all that honor system blather I used to express before I got a comfortable, well-fitting cage ... who would've thunk it right?

      We seem to be on a distinctive path toward many new things. Who knows, perhaps other past thoughts I may have had will evolve as well.

      Thanks for being awesom.

  4. It's simple. Happy wife, happy life. Blissfully swooned over, pampered, adored and satisfied wife, blank check for us!
    I hope this season of your and Mistress K's journey reaches never before considered heights. I look forward to reading all about it.

    Stay locked and take care

    1. What an incredibly lovely thing to say. Thank you so much.


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