Thursday, April 8, 2021

Obedient Love Podcasts - Ms. Viola Voltairine

Recently I came across a wonderful site that has valuable information about things WLM/FLR from the perspective of  Ms. Viola Voltairine.  You can find her Podcast site her - 

During one of our special Sunday Morning Reading times recently, we listened to two of Viola's podcasts together.  One was about "the many aspects of long term chastity".  It was excellent!  Especially for us because of our recent purchase of a quality chastity cage that I cold wear for long periods of time.  Mistress K. has taken a recent interest in me being caged for periods of time that were explained to me as 

"Not sure.  I'll see how I feel as we go on.  It WILL be more often than not though"

The other podcast we listened to and loved was all about communication, and in particular to those she describes as "successful, long term Femdom couples".  It too was excellent.  I suggest you give them a listen.  I'm confident you'll be glad you did.

Lastly, blog posts that are only words are boring.  Here's some gratuitous sexy pictures:

It's what good boys get when they behave well enough to earn a treat.

Have always wanted to experience the excruciating joy of being placed in a humbler.  Hopefully some day.

Speaking of hopefully some day, I've always wanted (and encouraged) Mistress to find herself a nice female sub to have on hand.  I'm certain it would add to the bliss in her life.

Another treat given to a well behaved husband.

Redheads are just so gorgeous.  None as much as Mistress K., but gorgeous nonetheless.

Mind?  Would I mind?  I would consider it an honor.  Fucking her with a strapon or sleeve to orgasm is, to me, the sexiest form of denial.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone !!


  1. Hot fragments! I love the good boy treats!

    1. Thanks Mark. Don't forget to listen to the two podcasts that are also in the post. *smile

  2. Oh yes, hot pics indeed! Hope you have a great weekend sub hub :)



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