Thursday, December 19, 2013

Well, here it is, my Blog about my life as a submissive husband to a loving, Goddess of a Wife. 

First, a little about she and then a little about me.  She is my Wife/Mistress/Goddess.  I'll call her K.  She is in her early 40's, in amazing shape, red hair, cute freckles with a sexy body to die for.  I'll call myself j.  I am in my early 50', happy in life, successful in business (business owner), in shape and head over heels in love with Goddess wife.

About 18 months I came to her and openly (and nervously) told her about my desire to exist in a wife-led marriage.  My wife is the coolest, and always has been the coolest chick ever.  Very open minded sexually and otherwise, loving and accepting of everyone.  She is the kind of girl that always has bluebirds landing on her shoulders and signing songs.  She's that sweet.  Even though I was confident that my revealing to her my desire to explore a Wife Dominated marriage wouldn't be a deal-breaker in my marriage, I did realize that once that bell got rung, and if she found it distasteful, well .... our life together would change forever for the worse.  I also realized that if I could explain the entire realm of a Wife Led Marriage, and the benefits it would bring to our marriage, our life together would forever change for the better.

For me, the desire to seek this relationship with my wife came from a genuine desire to live a scenario that would naturally allow for my constant desire for her.  Remember, I cherish this woman and although we have been married over 14 years, and although the sex has always been amazing, over time, things diminish.  Like all men, I masturbated.  Whenever I felt horny, I'd masturbate.  After a man has an orgasm, his desire, his libido is almost non-existent for a day or two, sometimes longer.  It wasn't that I preferred to masturbate rather than have sex with my wife, in fact the opposite was true.  It was merely very convenient to jerk off in the shower in the morning while thinking about a fantasy, or a sex dream I had the night before.  We both have busy lives like everyone else does, so I thought ......... no harm no foul, right?  Wrong.  Over time it changed the landscape so much so that when we did actually have the time, it was usually scheduled and somewhat robotic.  I cared very much about her having an orgasm, but if she happened not to, oh well.  It was obvious to that at times, all she wanted me to do was to cum so that I'd roll off, roll over and go to sleep.  You get the idea.

In a wife led marriage, none of that happens.  By now, if your reading a blog about a wife led marriage, you have the basics regarding all of the dynamics so I'll spare you another long, drawn out definition of what you already.  But this is my blog, so I don't mind telling about some of the wife-led aspects that my Mistress Wife and I incorporate into our lives.

First, we have a list of rules that generally define, as a matter routine, certain things that have negotiated and agreed upon.  There is an actual document.  In it, there are definitions, mutual acknowledgments and provisions for conflict resolution, along with specifics on things like punishment, what I can and cannot wear.  What I must wear if she so desires.  Things like I am required to be naked while in her presence, in our home (assuming the kids aren't there) at all times, without being told.  Things like I am required have my cock, balls and ass smoothly shaven at all times without being reminded to do so.  Things like I am required to have her coffee waiting for her when I wake her up in the morning at whatever time she has told me to wake her the night before.  Things like I am required to be available for sex in any way that pleases, at any time it pleases her and anywhere it pleases her.  Things like I am most always denied an orgasm, yet I am constantly teased to the edge of orgasm, then denied the right or ability to ejaculate.  I am sometimes allowed to ejaculate but often it is by ruined-orgasm.

That was just a small list of things and hopefully together, you and I can reveal and talk about many of the other exciting aspects of this wonderful lifestyle.  In closing, the logical, typical, vanilla male mind would read what I just wrote and not be able to understand why it is the reason why my Mistress wife and I are happier and more fulfilled, sexually and otherwise, than we have been since we were dating.  Hopefully at some point in the future, we'll all be able to talk about and understand why it has.


  1. I am so happy that when you decided to approach this to your wife that she was receptive. You are very fortunate as so many men are not so lucky in those regards. I think it helps too that you were together long enough to see the areas where the WLM would benefit you both.

    1. Thank you Mistress Marie. I knew I was lucky when I married her and frankly, I didn't really fret over what might happen when I told her about my feelings. We have always had enormous amounts of trust, respect and love for each other, the depth of which had always allowed us to comfortably talk about our desires/kinks/fantasies. That being said, of course I was a little nervous that she would reject the idea to consider the lifestyle, even though I felt confident that she would embrace it. it was all about the communication, as most things in life are.

      Thank you for following my blog. Being a new blogger, nobody will ever be able to replace what you are, and that is the very first person to leave me a comment. you will always be at least that. Be well and keep reading. I'll do the same.

  2. I can certainly appreciate the joy having a relationship where the wife is control and the husband only experiences orgasm rarely when allowed by his wife.
    My wife enjoys some aspects of our FLR, mainly my attention to her and all the chores I do now that I didn't before. We don't have any established rules other than the ones that I have made for myself and that I wish were at her command including orgasm control, shaving, sitting to pee, spanking, panty wearing and required nudity when possible (tough in NY in the winter compared to Phoenix!), I do some of things now, but they are at my own volition and not under the control of my sweet wife that I crave so much.

    1. Let her know how you feel Bill. Even though my Wife and i were very comfortable talking about our fantasies and kinks before i revealed to her my desire, i too was nervous about it. After all, you can't un-ring that bell right?

      For me it was easy because my motivation was truly to provide her the constant amount of pleasure and adoration i wanted for her ongoing in her life. It sure helped that i was truly, madly, deeply in love with Her and once She was able to experience just how our FLR lifestyle would make Her happy, the natural momentum just took over.

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